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Prevagen Professional is Acknowledged for Memory Improvement in Natural Practitioner National Publication

Madison, WI (May 2014) – Prevagen Professional, created by Wisconsin-based biotech company Quincy Bioscience, is featured in Natural Practitioner for improving memory and being safe. Prevagen Professional is a brain health supplement that contains 40 mg of apoaequorin and is available exclusively through healthcare practitioners. The publication highlights the clinical research and proven benefits of memory-enhancing ingredient apoaequorin. Produced by Vitamin Retailer Magazine, the No. 1 dietary supplement publication for health and natural food retailers, Natural Practitioner is known as the business magazine for alternative, complementary and integrative healthcare professionals. Each article published offers health, nutrition and business information to natural and alternative healthcare practitioners to help them better serve their patients. Natural Practitioner reports that Prevagen Professional supplements proteins in the brain that diminish in the natural process of aging, confirming, “Apoaequorin is a calcium-binding protein that supplements our own proteins.” The publication highlights the safety and effectiveness of Prevagen Professional, revealing the outcomes of the clinical research studies. “Overall, participants in the experimental group (apoaequorin 10 mg) saw a significant change over the 90-day study period in the following areas: attention, visual learning, verbal learning, memory, delayed recall, and executive function,” Natural Practitioner affirms. “The data suggests apoaequorin is a safe and potentially effective approach to help those who experience mild memory problems in aging.” Backed with published safety and efficacy studies, Prevagen® has helped hundreds of thousands of consumers through its distribution nationwide in drugstores, health food stores, and physician offices since the product was launched in 2007. Read the digital edition of the publication here and find Prevagen Professional on page 43.