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Quincy Bioscience Promotes National Family Stories Month by Launching the Third Edition of the Making Memories E-Book

Madison, WI (November 2014) – Quincy Bioscience, creators of brain health supplement Prevagen®, supports National Family Stories Month by releasing the third edition of the Making Memories e-booklet series – 10 Marvelous Tips for Making Memories: Family Reunion. National Family Stories Month takes place each November and is dedicated to gathering all of the family stories that have been handed down from generation to generation. This unique holiday encourages making memories and preserving family history, and there is no better time than the holidays to share family stories. Equally, families spend time during the holidays to plan the next family get-together or perhaps a summer reunion. The Prevagen-sponsored e-book is a complimentary resource that provides unique ways to capture life’s precious moments and transform them into positive lasting memories. The third edition of the series offers exceptional memory-making tips and ideas for families to utilize for annual family reunions. Each concept published in the e-book is free or low-cost to create, and sure to make a lasting impression. “The most important thing that we have learned about memory over the years is its importance to families and staying connected,” said Mark Underwood, president and co-founder of Quincy Bioscience. “When a family member loses a memory, that memory might be gone forever. This is one small thing that we can do to help families preserve the best things that life has to offer.” All Making Memories e-booklets are offered via online PDF. Learn more by clicking here.